How to Deal With Failure

I literally could not believe I failed yet again; I was in complete denial. People would ask me how the book was coming, and I’d tell them I was working on it…and I would actually believe it was true—when I hadn’t touched the manuscript in over a month. Then something would happen to remind me, “Oh […]

How to Gain Control When You’re Stuck in a Willpower Rut

“On one level, wisdom is nothing more than the ability to take your own advice.” – Sam Harris Two months ago, I was happy, productive, and excited for summer. I was eating well and being creative and exercising every day. My next book was percolating, and I felt giddy as I plotted out the lives […]

The Surprisingly Simple Way to Become a Total Rock Star

It’s such a popular fantasy these days to become rich and famous. After all, it could quite literally happen to anybody. The floor is open. Grab a mic and start posting videos on YouTube. Start blogging. Get picked to be on reality TV. Write a book. (That’s what I did!) Develop a killer app. I […]