About Katie Morton
– Speaker and Expert with a focus on sharing humorous and inspiring stories.
– Popular writer on willpower and life fulfillment with thousands of readers.
– Featured by Huffington Post, Yahoo!, the TLC network, and many others.

Potential Topics
I’m happy to customize a presentation for your event. I write and speak about habits, living bigger, life satisfaction, and productivity.
Here are some popular topics:
• Habit Change: The Psychology and Neuroscience behind habit formation and willpower, and how to make them work for you.
• The Art of Living Bigger: Discover how to increase your courage and motivate yourself to make your life bigger and more fulfilling.
• Happiness and Enhancement: How to feel happy with your life as it is, at the same time that you work on making things better.
• Have an idea for a topic? Let me know.

Thanks for your interest! Media appearances, speaking engagements, panel presentations, podcasts, and webinars are being booked now. To submit a request, please email me at Katie@KatieMorton.com with the subject line: Speaking / Media Opportunity
In your email, tell me:
– What are your goals for the event or segment?
– How can I help you meet your goals?
– What would you like me to do?* Examples may include:

– Media appearance (free of charge)
– Live webinar
– In-person keynote presentation
– Full day seminar
– I’m not sure yet.

*Pricing is negotiable based on the details of your event.

Questions? Email me: Katie@KatieMorton.com