I believe we are all creative beings, and we are here on Earth to make something of our lives. However, for many people, the default mode is going to work to make a living, followed by the endless consumption of television or social media when they get home. Depending on your belief system or philosophy, you can create a meaningful existence by thoughtfully and consciously spending your time, rather than merely existing in the default mode.

Why follow your passion?

Following your passion is a way to bring meaning and fulfillment into your life, and this can mean the difference between a life well lived and dying with regrets. As the years pass by, when we build nothing for ourselves with our creativity, we can be left with feelings of emptiness and meaninglessness.

On the other hand, when you practice developing skills and creating meaningful connections and relationships based on the passions you nurture, life has the potential to be infinitely more fulfilling.

How do you figure out what your passion is?

The term “passion” can be misleading, especially if you don’t know exactly what your passion is yet. At the early stages, you might only experience gentle nudges in the direction of something that’s largely unknown to you. Don’t ignore the small inklings, hunches, and nudges to try something new. Many of us ignore those urges, and turn on another episode or we keep on scrolling. While technology is a wonderful thing, it will ruin your life if you let it.

If you are serious about leaving default mode and figuring out what your passion is, then take advantage of opportunities to get off your couch and do something. You might feel like going to a MeetUp group or other activity. If you follow the urge to get out there and meet new people and learn new skills, it could change your life for the better in ways you couldn’t have imagined.

You never know who you are going to meet or what you will learn that will ignite your passion. If you feel like trying something new, go for it. It might become a major positive part of your life. You never know how a single event could form the entire trajectory of your life that involves the pursuit of your passion.

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