self worth

On Self Worth and Happiness

How you feel about yourself, your self-worth, and your confidence have a massive impact on your positive or negative experience of life. Why is that? Because it’s one of the primary lenses through which you interact with your world and the people in it. How […]

Katie Morton

How and Why to Follow Your Passion

I believe we are all creative beings, and we are here on Earth to make something of our lives. However, for many people, the default mode is going to work to make a living, followed by the endless consumption of television or social media when […]

How to Enjoy the Passage of Time

I’m a planner and a dreamer. I love the idea that you can envision a better life and then simply live it. I wish that living into a better life would be like sliding into a well-worn pair of pants, but life usually unfolds much […]

When You Disappoint Someone: 4 Steps to Deal With it

What if someone we care about is disappointed in us? Let’s explore how to know whether someone is disappointed in us because we actually did something wrong, or if we are being unfairly judged or criticized. Sometimes it’s our responsibility to course correct, and sometimes […]


3 Methods to Become Happier Via Consciousness

We’ve all met that person who seems “unconscious” or socially clumsy. Maybe they say things that are really insulting, prefaced with, “No offense, but…” They stay way too long at your party after all the other guests have left, talking your ear off while you […]