When You Disappoint Someone: 4 Steps to Deal With it

What if someone we care about is disappointed in us? Let’s explore how to know whether someone is disappointed in us because we actually did something wrong, or if we are being unfairly judged or criticized. Sometimes it’s our responsibility to course correct, and sometimes […]

Katie Morton

How and Why to Follow Your Passion

The term “passion” can be misleading because you might only experience gentle nudges in the direction of something that’s largely unknown to you when you’re in the beginning stages of discovering your life purpose. Here is how and why to take the leap to follow […]

Katie Morton

How to Change Your Emotions

Emotions often feel like they are outside of our control, and that they are natural reactions to negative events. This isn’t the case, and we actually have the ability to change our perspectives and thus our emotions. Watch the video to learn how.

Katie Morton

What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness helps you observe your thoughts, stay cool and calm in tough situations, reduces reactivity and negativity, and rewires your brain for happiness. Watch the video to learn how.

Katie Morton

How to Set Boundaries for Happiness

For some of us, it seems easier to put the needs of others before our own. Why? Because we are afraid of the negative consequences of expressing our true needs and desires. But ultimately, suppressing (rather than expressing) your needs leads to deep unhappiness. Here’s […]