Kelly feels lost and desperate. At almost forty years old, she’s still struggling with her eating and drinking habits, and she’s tired of being fat. She finally decides to get help and she finds it in the form of Sandy, a health coach, and Earnest, a mysterious guru. As the plot unfolds in this humorous tale, Kelly slowly transforms and gains a measure of inner peace and happiness, but her involvement with Earnest threatens everything she’s gained. BUY THE BOOK ON AMAZON.


Secrets of Successful People follows the adventures of Kelly Ryan, a working mom struggling to get her life under control in order to pursue her dream of becoming a professional author.

Kelly’s rocky marriage to an unsupportive husband combined with her nightmarish experiences with Chloe, her boss at Fit Life Magazine, compel her to seek out the advice and wisdom of two distinct mentors—Earnest and Zora.

Earnest is a womanizing self-help guru that shares a tumultuous past with Kelly. Zora is a famous author that Kelly idolizes. Kelly has to sort through the advice of both mentors as chaos unfolds and she finds herself the target of a plagiarism lawsuit that propels her into the national spotlight. Will Kelly save her marriage or will Earnest’s sleazy ways lure her into an affair? How will the lawsuit and unflattering media attention impact her dreams? Will she survive her day job and ever finish her book? BUY THE BOOK ON AMAZON.