cropped-Katie-Morton-Author.jpgHi, I’m Katie Morton, inspirational fiction author, researcher, and personal development expert. I have a passion for writing about happiness, willpower, and success.

My first novel, Secrets of People With Extraordinary Willpowerwas inspired by my struggle to gain willpower over some pretty bad habits. I did the research and the work, and created a structure other people can apply to their own lives so they can overcome their struggles and start living with freedom and ease.

My second novel, Secrets of Successful Peopleis a sequel to my first novel. The storyline follows the main character, Kelly, as she learns lessons about priorities and what it really takes to become successful and to live up to her full potential.

I like to write inspiring posts and novels for people who want more freedom and happiness in their lives. I write about how to gain the willpower, clarity, and discipline to shed the bad habits and time wasters that stand between you and the life of your dreams.

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