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I’m Katie Morton, a digital strategy executive with over 20 years of experience. I specialize in creating, managing, and optimizing digital editorial operations, multimedia websites, and digital products for global clients. I have an innovative leadership style that motivates teams to maximize resources for successful results.

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In my career, I’ve honed various skills and gained extensive experience in the following areas:

  1. Content Marketing: I excel in creating and executing content marketing strategies that resonate with target audiences, driving engagement and conversions.
  2. Website Profitability: My expertise includes optimizing websites to enhance profitability, focusing on strategic approaches that contribute to overall business success.
  3. Website Traffic Growth: I’ve successfully implemented tactics to boost website traffic, employing a mix of SEO, content strategies, and innovative approaches tailored to the target audience.
  4. SEO and Content Strategy: Through in-depth knowledge of SEO principles and effective content strategies, I’ve consistently achieved improved search rankings and increased online visibility.
  5. Contract Negotiations: I have a proven track record of successful contract negotiations, ensuring mutually beneficial agreements that align with organizational goals.
  6. Content Design and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization): My skills extend to crafting user-centric content design and implementing conversion rate optimization techniques, enhancing the overall user experience and driving conversions.
  7. Information Architecture: I specialize in developing clear and effective information architecture with keyword research taxonomy, ensuring traffic growth, seamless navigation, and accessibility for users.
  8. Team Building and Management: As an experienced leader, I’ve built and managed cohesive teams, fostering a collaborative and productive work environment to achieve shared goals.

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Search Engine Journal (2022 – PRESENT): At Search Engine Journal, I manage editorial. We provide expert content and thought leadership to a smart audience of SEO professionals and digital marketers. I collaborate with various teams to identify opportunities for revenue and organic traffic growth and mentor direct reports for career development.

DIGITAL STRATEGY CONSULTANT, Katie Morton LLC (2010 – PRESENT): For the past 12 years, I’ve served as a consultant for major organizations like the TLC Network and the State of Connecticut. Responsibilities include building, managing, and mentoring remote editorial teams, implementing website development, and collaborating on SEO analysis and optimization. I currently work on content strategy and content design for the State of Connecticut’s web modernization project.

INTERACTIVE EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, Discovery Inc. (2007 – 2010): As an Interactive Executive Producer at Discovery Inc., I conceptualized and managed the build of websites for 18 television shows. I was the executive producer for an award-winning short-form video series, and I built and managed the editorial team. I championed the migration of the editorial operation to a new content management system from an outdated and cumbersome enterprise CMS to WordPress, ensuring a modern and nimble editorial environment.

SENIOR MANAGER OF EDITORIAL PROGRAMMING, AOL.com (2006 – 2007): At AOL.com, in a matrixed and agile environment, I managed editorial development for eight e-commerce websites. I recruited and managed a team of 37 content producers and the editorial process. I fostered key relationships with business leads to align content creation with revenue goals.

EDITORIAL & BUSINESS MANAGER, CNBC.com (1998 – 2006): During my time at CNBC.com, I created and managed CNBC’s global digital operation, oversaw day-to-day operations, and expanded the scope and profits by launching a thriving European operation. I led the relaunch of CNBC.com and actively managed video portal development, design teams, and content management system architects.


  • Secrets of People With Extraordinary Willpower (2016)
  • Secrets of Successful People (2015)


  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Penn State University with an Art Minor


  • Six Sigma Greenbelt
  • SEO Professional Certification
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